Trans Borneo 2019

" The  Last  Frontier "
27th Nov ~ 8th Dec 2019


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Trans Borneo – The Last Frontier is a road adventure covering the Malaysian states of Sabah & Sarawak through North Kalimantan in Borneo Island.

It starts from Sabah, Malaysia, moving South and eastwards across One of the last frontier in Borneo, from Bakelalan in Sarawak into Malinau, Kalimantan Utara and Kalimantan Timur before recrossing the border back northwards into Sabah. 

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* Endurance and adventure (non-competitive)

* Travelling to reach “untouched” parts of Indonesia

* A blend between travel adventure and hard core off road experience – “Expect the Unexpected!”


transBorneo participants

To strengthen and foster closer relationship between the peoples of Malaysia & Indonesia


To explore the natural beauty of Borneo


To promote travel and tourism in Borneo. For Indonesia, especially to promote potential culture, adventure and nature tourism, in Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan to an international audience


To introduce, pave and open the way of travel between Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia and North Kalimantan


To strengthen relationship among BIMP-EAGA
(Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines – East Asean
Growth Area) members


To promote Culture, History, Adventure & Agriculture,
Nature (CHAN) in Borneo Island


To challenge men and machine against the great outdoors while enjoying the adventure and nature

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26 Nov
Welcome Dinner & Registration
27 Nov
Kota Kinabalu (Flag Off) – Datuk Yap Yun Fook Farm, Keningau (Agriculture) – Murut Cultural Village – Yit Foh Farm - Penawan (10-tier waterfall)
28 Nov
Penawan – Lawas - Ba’kelalan (Tropical Jungle Hideout)
DAY 3 – 4
29 – 30 Nov
Long Bawan – Benuang – Gunung Slukut (Sektor Off-Road) – Semamu (Medical Camp)
DAY 5 - 6
1 - 2 Dec
Semamu – Long Bawan – Desa Wisata Pulau Sapi, Malinau 
(Off-Road & Lundayeh Cultural Centre)
3 Dec
Desa Wisata Pulau Sapi, Malinau – Tanjung Selor 
(Press conference with TVRI & Press)
DAY 8 - 10
4 - 6 Dec
Tanjung Selor – Pulau Derawan (3D2N)
DAY 11
7 Dec
Pulau Derawan – Malinau – Simanggaris (Border Crossing)
DAY 12
8 Dec
Simanggaris – Serudong – Kalabakan – Tawau (Closing Dinner)

NBE has unrivalled and unmatched record in organizing 4x4 activities and motorsports. NBE activities have promoted tourism in Sabah, Sarawak, and Kalimantan and the events have received extensive coverage from the local mass media and foreign journalist participating in the events.

transBorneo news

Altogether, NBE has organized more than 30+ events over the years, these includes

Bigfoot Monster Show,
Silverstone Trans Borneo,
Trans Borneo series 1998-2001,
Land Rover Adventures,
British Blind,
Hong Kong 4x4 Adventures,

and promotional events for
Continental Tyres, Isuzu, Ford, Perodua, Mitsubishi, and others.

transBorneo sponsors
transBorneo press



Printed Media
 Borneo Post, April 21st 1996
– Silverstone Trans-Borneo 1996 : Mud, Sweat & Gears

 Book : Mystical Borneo : Through the eyes of the historic Silverstone Trans
- Borneo Expedition

 Book : Borneo Off-Road Adventure : The Perodua Trans Borneo Kembara Expedition 1998

 Sabah Tourism Magazine
– Trans Borneo Expedition 2014 : A collaboration of Nations – to develop Borneo as a premier overland destination

 Daily Express, New Sabah Times & See Hua Daily News
– Pajero Sports Family : Touring Tiga Negara 2016 : Borneo Escape

TV Shows by Life Off Road
(5 episodes)

Episode 1 : Episode 2 : Episode 3 : Episode 4 : Episode 5 : Bonus video 

Leisure News, April 21st 1996 – Silverstone Trans-Borneo 1996 : Mud, Sweat & Gears
 Book : Mystical Borneo : Through the eyes of the historic Silverstone Trans-Borneo Expedition
 Book : Borneo Off-Road Adventure : The Perodua Trans Borneo KembaraExpedition 1998
Sabah Tourism Magazine – Trans Borneo Expedition 2014 : A collaboration of Nations – to develop Borneo as a premier overland destination
Daily Express, Sabah Times, & See Hua Daily News – Pajero Sports Family : Touring Tiga Negara 2016 :Borneo Escape
Trans Borneo 1996 – video 1
Trans Borneo 1996 – video 2
Recce for Trans Borneo 2017 by Harry Sanusi
 Trans Borneo 2017 – Into The Heart of Borneo : The Last Frontier
 Articles by Journalist from 7 countries
- A media conference will be held next year in Sabah to announce the expedition
- There will be media partners who will join the expedition and do a full expedition report
- Tour operators from destination market will also be invited to take part in the event


Limited to 25 – 30 vehicles
with maximum 100 participants
Registration will be open on July 2019

Entry Fee
USD1,750 for Non-Malaysian jump seater
USD1,500 for Non-Malaysian coming with own vehicle
RM5,000 for Malaysian jump seater
RM4,000 for Malaysian coming with own vehicle

Payment for entry fee payable to:
Acc. No. 0100 7750 5375
North Borneo Explorer Sdn Bhd
Swift Code : MBBEMYKL 

transBorneo NBE

Participants will get.... 

- Invitation to Welcome Dinner & Closing Dinner
- Certificate of Participation
- Whatever the organizers may decide and declare
from time to time as the situation arise 

Flag off of Trans Borneo 2017 at STB Building

On Own...

- Vehicle (Jump Seats can be provided)
- Fuel
- Cost of sending vehicle to starting point and return
Your own spare parts
- Airfare (if any) (Arrival & Departure
- Recovery Kit
- Own food & pocket money
- Personal Toiletries, Medications, Clothes, etc 


EXPSOSURE FROM MEDIA- Official media : New Sabah Times
- Pre-event press releases
- Run-up articles
- Flag-Off
- Day-by-day cover of trip (12 days) by in-house writer (subject to internet connection)
- Minimum 25 days of press cover
- 16-24 articles in Auto, Travel & Lifesyle magazines
- Radio Talk
- Video feature in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, RTM, RTI (to be confirmed)
- TV episodes in RTM / RTI

DIGITAL EXPOSURE- E-invitation & announcement of the expedition will be spread on Trans Borneo 2019 owned digital platform (Website / Facebook)
- Information relating to the expedition will be regularly posted on Trans Borneo 2019 website or facebook
- Engagement with off-roader communities, outdoor & travel enthusiast to spread the hype
- Daily reporting (within areas with mobile network) through newspaper coverage & social media platform

(newspaper articles – 25 days approx)

  1. Announcement of event
  2. BIMP-EAGA Business CCL endorsement
  3. SEEDS – Endorsement
  4. Kaltara Government – Endorsement
  5. BIMP-EAGA Business Council (BEBC) – Endorsement
  6. Sarawak Government – Endorsement
  7. Young Trans Borneo Adventurer (YTBA) – Mechanics & Tourism Intern
  8. Foreign Participants – China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Europe
  9. Feature on the reconnaissance of the Last Frontier in Borneo – the Malinau –
  10. Ba’kelalan trail
  11. Welcome Dinner
  12. Flag-Off
  13. Day by Day report by in-house reporter for 12 days (subject to internet connection)
  14. Features on organizer – NBE
  15. Tales of Trans Borneo from yesteryear
  16. Features in Kalimantan – Business angle, Tanjung Selor, Ba’kelalan
  17. Features on sponsors / vehicles
  18. Impressions by participants
  19. Post event articles


transBorneo sponsors


transBorneo stickers


Value added chains in the following sectors

1. Transport connectivity between territories
2. Development of Border Economic Area between Sabah & Kaltara
3. Multi-destination tourism creation of a Northern Borneo Circuit between Sabah, Sarawak & Kaltara
4. Palm oil supply source for Sabah mills and downstream production through refining
5. Development of Medical Tourism between Sabah & Kaltara
6. Further down streaming in the wood product industries
7. Provision of educational facilities to enhance knowledge and know-how between Sabah & Kaltara

As the adage goes “you build it and they will come”

Players in the above sectors has this unique opportunity to participate in the forthcoming and anticipated growth between Sabah & Kaltara.

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